About This Brand


Boboiboy, an award winning action kids animation created and produced by Animonsta Studio, has been one of the most phenomenal animation series in Asia, with more than 5 millions total daily views on Youtube channel. Boboiboy The Movie also has been released and a new one is on development. This IP has been also successfully turn into a multi-million dollar worth of merchandise sales and promotional campaign with numerous partners in Indonesia.


This series tells the story of a kind and creative boy named Amato, who comes across a prison spaceship housing many evil robots. One of them is MechaBot, who has the ability to mechanize everyday objects into high tech devices. Amato outsmarts MechaBot and becomes his master. The two bond together as friends over the course of the series and team up in the form of a superhero named Mechamato to locate and capture the evil robots that had escaped the fallen spacecraft.


Papa Pipi is a series of family oriented short animation about the antics of Papa Zola, the lovable but bumbling school teacher, and his brilliant and adorable young daughter, Pipi Zola. Together they embark on tiny adventures that sometimes become larger in life.