About This Brand


Blue’s Clues & You! empowers, challenges and builds the self-esteem of preschoolers while making them laugh and helping them learn about the world around them. And that world just keeps on growing! With each new season, kids branch out from Blue’s house, searching for clues everywhere from familiar neighborhood locations to fantastical skidoo worlds.

And Blue’s world will continue to expand in 2022 and beyond, as she introduces preschoolers to real-world destinations, countries and cultures. The learning and growing just keep on going with Blue’s Clues & You!

The US TV ratings have been a phenomenal success. It outpaced our average pre-school rating by 8%. Here in some South East Asian markets the show pulls in 14 times as many viewers in its premier as compared to PAW Patrol when that first launched! The show screens up to 42x a week with new episodes every day. Season 2 is coming next year, while Season 3 is greenlit